Fe-Cr-AI electrothermal alloy resistance alloy

Fe-Cr-AI electrothermal alloy resistance alloy

Iron chrome aluminum alloy
It is a high-resistance alloy material with high resistivity, small temperature coefficient of resistance, long life with high temperature resistance, light weight and low price. It is especially suitable for use in atmospheres containing sulfur and sulfur compounds. It is an industrial electric furnace, household appliance
  • Fe-Cr-AI electrothermal alloy resistance alloy

    Iron chrome aluminum alloy
    It is a high-resistance alloy material with high resistivity, small temperature coefficient of resistance, long life with high temperature resistance, light weight and low price. It is especially suitable for use in atmospheres containing sulfur and sulfur compounds. It is an industrial electric furnace, household appliances, An ideal heating material in an infrared heating device.




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