High copper alloy wheel C17200

  • High copper alloy wheel C17200


    C17200/CuBe2/CW101C/DIN 2.1247 Beryllium Copper


    C17200 is manufactured to provide a combination of high strength and hardness properties coupled with superior thermal properties. This range of properties makes C17200 the premier material for copper alloy molds and a wide range of other applications from oil and gas to aerospace.


    Chemical Composition:

    Be: 1.80-2.0%
    Co+Ni: 0.20% Min.
    Co+Ni+Fe: 0.60% Max.
    Cu: Balance
    Note: Copper plus additions equal 99.5% minimum.


    Material description:

    High strength, good fatigue strength, good conductivity,

    non-magnetic, wear resistance



    - Nozzles and needles for hot runner systems

    - Inserts in plastic blow moulding and plastic injection moulding

    - Needles and nozzles for hot canal systems

    - Packing bearings rings in extreme high pressure hydraulics(e.g. jet cutting)

    - Stud holders for stud welding equipment

    - High strength, non-magnetic, non-sparking parts, sleeves,bushings, bearings for offshore, onshore, airplanes, precision instruments and medical applications moulding


    Shapes :
    Round bars, Round wires, Round tube,
    Flat bars, Square bars, Rectangular bars, Hexagon bars, Plates, Sheets, Coils
    Custom shapes are available upon request.


    Available Sizes:

    Rod: Dia.5~200mm; Wire: Dia.0.1-5.0mm

    Tube: OD10~60mm, ThK 0.1~10mm

    Plate: thk min 0.5mm

    Custom Diameter & Sizes, Random Mill lengths


    Related Standard :

    Rods/Bars/: ASTM B196; SAE J461,463; AMS 4533,4534,4535; AMS4650,4651;
    RWMA Class 4, GOST 15835

    Tubes: ASTM B251,643
    Strips: ASTM B194, AMS4530,4532; SAE J461,463, GOST 1789  
    Sheets: ASTM B194
    Wires: ASTM B197, AMS4725, SAE J461,463, JIS 3270, GOST 15834 
    Plates: ASTM B194, SAE J461,463; AMS4530,4533,4534,AMS4650,4651; RWMA Class 4.

    European Standards: CuBe2, DIN 2.1247, CW101C to EN, BrB2


    Other material are also available

    C17300/CuBe2Pb/CW102C/DIN 2.1248

    C17500/CuCo2Be/CW104C/DIN 2.1285

    C17510/CuNi2Be/CW110C/DIN 2.0850




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