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PRODUCTS    COPPER & COPPER ALLOYS    High quality phosphor bronze plate/sheet

High quality phosphor bronze plate/sheet

  • High quality phosphor bronze plate/sheet


    Thickness: 0.1~200mm

    Width: 10~2500mm

    Length: 3m~6m or custom

    Standard: ASTM B103/B103M-2009

    Tolerance: ASTM B248

     Temper : M20

    Grade: C54400 C51900 C52100 C51100 C51000 C51180 C52180 C52400 C53400


    Application: The phosphor bronzes commonly are used for deep drawing into bellows and stamping and forming into spring devices and into terminals and connectors for electrical apparatus because they combine high strength with high elongation. The leaded phosphor bronzes are used where strength, corrosion resistance, and machinability are required. The bearing bronze is used in bushings, bearings, and load-bearing thrust washers. 


    High quality phosphor bronze plate/sheet

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